Part of Innovation Lab Project, “WAHN PantherVision” Broadcasts Morning Announcements

Dr. Martin Kilbridge, President of Academy of the Holy Names, announced today the launch of AHN’s first student-run broadcast studio: WAHN PantherVision. Housed in the library, the studio, run by members of the school’s Communications Club, broadcasts morning announcements.

“Developing and honing communication skills have been hallmarks of a Holy Names education for decades,” Dr. Kilbridge said. “The professional-grade tools and equipment and support provided by our experienced broadcasting staff provide students with additional avenues in front of and behind the camera to enhance their experience.”

“The enthusiasm for this project and the support the faculty, staff, and students have shown for each other is unparalleled – where else can you encounter cheers and applause following a homeroom address?” said Principal Margaret Taranto.

“PantherVision is the perfect example of how Holy Names listens to its students,” said sophomore Rosie McDonnell. “At our ice cream social last year, I suggested to (Director of Marketing and Communications) Mr. Perritano we start a club where students could pitch ideas and produce content for the school, and now we have taken things to the next level with this studio.”

PantherVision is part of the creation of the Holy Names Innovation Lab, a project supported by AHN’s 2023 Spring Gala. The first steps toward making the lab a reality have taken place with the procuring of programmable robots, snap circuits, and the start of a makerspace. The Lab will be also housed in the library and will be a space for students to come explore and create.