Technology & Resources

Educated individuals need to know not only how to access information, but how to evaluate the credibility of sources, process information, use advanced computer applications, create and share media, and be prepared for ongoing change.

At Academy of the Holy Names, students have the resources and professional instruction to meet these challenges.


  • School-assigned Chromebooks for each student
  • Classrooms equipped with interactive technologies
  • Professionally-staffed library with computers to assist with research and technology
  • 3-D printers
  • Classes in research and computer skills
  • Assignments across the curriculum that require these skills


The AHN Library Media Center provides both group and one-on-one instruction to all students in the areas of library, research, and related computer skills. It provides online access to other school libraries and subscribes to various online research databases, with a staff ready to instruct students in their use.

The library media center is open throughout the school day as a place where students can go for quiet study and research.



Through the generous support of alumnae and friends, AHN is proud to introduce the new Innovation Lab. This project is the brainchild of former principal Michele Musto, who, as she has done for so many years, was thinking about what’s next and what’s best for the future of our students, the school, and the greater community.

Now, AHN has taken the first steps to making that dream a reality, procuring programmable robots, snap circuits, and the start of a makerspace. The Lab will be housed in the library and will be a space for students to come explore and create.
By providing our young women with these tools and educational technology needed to succeed in today’s world, they will be able to learn how to leverage them to be the builders of a better world.

As an extension of the Innovation Lab project, Holy Names will be launching “WAHN PantherVision,” a student-run live-streaming broadcasting program.
As part of the program, members of the Communications Club will live-stream our morning announcements from a small “studio” within the library/Innovation Lab space.

AHN Innovation Lab


We have a math teacher available to assist students with homework and math problems, as well as test reviews and preparation.

Help with SAT preparation is also offered.


Completing high school writing assignments can often be difficult. That’s why we have a special Writing Center with peer tutors who have advanced training as writing teachers.

Students are encouraged to sign up for individual appointments, but walk-ins are also welcome.

For students who need further assistance in English courses, we have writing center peers with whom students may meet on an as needed basis.


In consultation with the administration, some students may qualify for the extra assistance provided by our certified Special Education teacher. Our Learning Workshop staff provides individual instruction in study skills and time management, as well as assistance with homework, and, when required, testing modifications.

Students may use these services by either meeting for regularly scheduled sessions or on an as-needed basis.