Faculty & Staff Directory


President Martin Kilbridge

Dr. Martin Kilbridge

Phone: (518) 438-7895 Ext. 220
University of Rochester - Warner School of Education - EdD
Harvard Divinity School - MTS
University of California, Berkeley - BA/BA

Ms. Sonya Barker

School Receptionist
Phone: (518) 438-7895 Ext. 212

Mr. Richard Murphy

IT Support Specialist
Phone: (518) 438-7895 Ext. 252

Ms. Kathleen Naughter

Executive Assistant to the President
Phone: (518) 438-7895 Ext. 201
College of St. Rose - B.S.

Mr. David Perritano

Director of Marketing and Communications
Phone: (518) 438-7895 Ext. 208
Syracuse University Newhouse School - B.S.

Ms. Reagan Schwartz

Administrative Assistant to the Principal
518.438.7895 x211

Mrs. Margaret Taranto

Phone: 518.438.7895 x355
Harvard University - Ed.M.
Hamilton College - B.A.

Ms. Kathy Witherspoon

Dean of Student Life
Phone: 518.438.7895 x224
The College of William and Mary - B.A.
The University of Georgia - MSW


Kendra Astemborski at AHN

Ms. Kendra Astemborski

Director of Enrollment Management
Phone: 518.438.7895 Ext. 213
College of St. Rose - MS in Education
St. John Fisher University - BS

Ms. Cathy Insero

Data Manager & Administrative Assistant to Admissions
Phone: (518) 438-7895 Ext. 205

Ms. Ann Rento

Admissions Director
Phone: 518.438.7895, ext. 202
Fordham University - B.A.
Fordham University - M.S.


Alyson Insero

Ms. Alyson Insero

Accounting Clerk
Phone: 518.438.7895 Ext. 205
Union College - BA

Mr. Deane Lewis

Accounts Payable and Payroll
Phone: 518.438.7895 Ext. 206


Ms. Tina Pantuso

Social Worker
Phone: 518.438.7895 Ext. 245
University of Pennsylvania - Master's Degree
Cornell University - B.S.


Mrs. Annemarie McGarry

Director of College Counseling
LeMoyne College - BA
Alfred University - MS in Ed


Mrs. Elizabeth McGarry

Associate Director of Advancement
Phone: 518-438-7895 x603
Kristin Vivian

Mrs. Kristin Vivian

Director of Institutional Advancement
Phone: 518.438.7895 Ext. 219

Mrs. Diane Wilson

Administrative Assistant for Institutional Advancement


Mr. Christopher Wilson

Maintenance Technician

Mr. Rod Wilson

Director of Buildings and Grounds
Phone: 518.438.7895 x253

Mr. Wayne Winne

Maintenance Technician
Phone: 518.438.7895 x240


Shawn Allen

Mr. Shawn Allen

Theology Teacher
Phone: (518) 438-7895 Ext. 307
University at Albany - Doctoral Student - Philosophy
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium - M.A. - Theology and Religious Studies
University of San Francisco - B.A. - Philosophy

Mrs. Deborah Baxter

High School AP Biology Teacher, Biology Teacher, Science & Department Chair
Phone: 518.438.7895 x303
College of St. Rose - BA Biology

Mr. Matthew Baxter

High School Science Teacher
Hamilton College - B.A.

Ms. Melissa Bruno

Library Media Specialist

Ms. Meghan Devenney

Middle School Math Teacher
Phone: (518) 438-7895 Ext. 355
Siena College - Bachelor's Degree

Ms. Jacqueline Donnaruma

Drama Teacher, English Teacher
NYU - MA Educational Theatre
Wheaton College - BA Theatre/Literature

Mrs. Diane Eller

Middle School English, Social Studies Teacher and Theology Teacher
Phone: 518.438.7895 x360
Russell Sage - M.A.
Fairleigh Dickinson University - B.A.

Mr. Guliano Franzini

Social Studies Teacher
SUNY New Paltz - M.S. ED.
Mount Saint Mary College - B.A.

Mrs. Catherine Gibbons

World Languages and Computer/Technology Teacher
Phone: 518.438.7895 x369
Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III - DEUG LCE
Academy of Paris - Baccalaureat A1
University of Cambridge - First Certificate in English- LOWER

Ms. Robin Henderson Tocci

High School English/Speech and Drama Teacher
Phone: 518.438.7895 x313
The College of Saint Rose - B.A.
University at Albany - M.S.

Mr. Christopher Johnson

High School Math Teacher
Phone: (518) 438-7895 Ext. 326
Concordia University - MAT with certification
Portland State University - B.S.

Ms. Colleen Jones

Social Studies Teacher
Phone: 518.438.7895 Ext. 301
University at Albany - Master's in Education: Social Studies, 7-12
University at Albany - Bachelor's of Science (Major: History- U.S. Concentration; Minors: Psychology and Africana Studies)

Ms. Kate Kosek

Art Teacher
Phone: (518) 438-7895 Ext. 309
Georgia State University - MFA
SUNY New Paltz - BFA

Ms. Jane Ladouceur

High School Social Studies Teacher, Social Studies Department Chair
Phone: 518.438.7895 x327
College of Saint Rose - B.S.
College of Saint Rose - M.A.
State University at Albany - Doctoral Candidate

Ms. Danielle LeBuis-Koenig

Math Lab Coordinator
Phone: 518.438.7895 x 225
Russell Sage College - Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Math
College of Saint Rose - Masters in Special Education

Ms. Kelly Leonard

English and Speech Department High School and Drama Chair
Phone: 518.438.7895 x398
Siena College - B.A. The College of Saint Rose - M.S.
Prom at AHN

Mr. Andrew Licari

Science Teacher
University at Albany - M.S.
University at Albany - B.S.

Mrs. Nancy Manning

High School Math Teacher, Math Department Chair
Phone: 518.438.7895 x214
State University College of New York at Oneonta - BS
State University of New York at Albany - MS

Ms. David Perritano

Theology Teacher
Phone: 518.438.7895 Ext. 351
The College of Saint Rose - B.A. University at Albany - M.S.

Ms. Theresa Moran

Music Teacher and Campus Minister
Phone: 518-438-7895
College of Saint Rose - Certificate of Advanced Study
Walden University - Masters of Science
Hartwick College - Bachelor of Science

Mrs. Molly Pentak

Middle and High School PE Teacher, PE Department Chair
Phone: 518.438.7895
State University of New York at Cobleskill - AAS
State University of New York at Cortland - BS

Mrs. Linda Rose

Middle School Science Teacher
Phone: 518.438.7895 x371
Hobart & William Smith College - B.S.
SUNY Albany - M.A