By Dr. Martin Kilbridge

It has been discouraging, but not surprising to read stories in the local and national press about cheating, abuse, and financial shenanigans in college and high school athletic programs. The sad reality is that a win-at-all-costs mentality is nothing new in sports. The good news is this is not the case at Academy of the Holy Names where former Athletic Director Carlo Cherubino and his successor, Teagan Waddingham, have established an exceptional program in which athletic accomplishment is measured as much by the development of character as it is by wins and losses. 

Our program has a long and rich tradition of fielding competitive teams. So far this year, we have had teams compete in sectional finals and individuals go on to state competition. These individuals and teams follow in the footsteps of past athletes who have represented Holy Names at the highest level of competition while maintaining a sense of perspective when it comes to the role of sports in the development of a well-rounded, faith-filled life. The names of the individuals and teams that grace the newly dedicated Carlo Cherubino Athletic Hall of Fame represent leaders in their communities who give of themselves to improve the lives of others.

Our coaches and parents and guardians instill in our student athletes a sense of personal responsibility, determination, and sportsmanship that is recognized by our competitors and game officials. I have been stopped on a few occasions by parents and others on opposing teams who have praised our girls. I take this opportunity to thank our parents and guardians, our coaches, and Ms. Waddingham for carrying on a legacy of supporting athletic excellence and character development. AHN athletics sets an unparalleled standard we hope others will follow.