By Dr. Martin Kilbridge
Athletics Play Pivotal Role in Youth Formation
A few weeks ago, I shared my educational philosophy for a liberal arts school. The focus was on the academic side of our mission and how it relates to the formation of young women as builders of a better world. This week I want to focus on the role of athletics in their formation and echo Pope John Paul II who said, “Sports play a pivotal role in this mission of developing students who will live up to their God-given potential.” We take immense pleasure in watching our girls compete and take joy in knowing their participation is enriching their lives.
In keeping with our proud tradition of fielding strong teams, our athletes have had a very successful fall. Morgan Lawler now holds every AHN swimming record and has set pool records around the area. Kate Regan and Riley Schmitz are two of the four finalists for the Section 2 tennis singles. They compete next week for the crown. The team as a whole had moved into the semifinals. Our soccer team went 9-4-1 in the regular season, holding opponents scoreless in many games. They are seeded sixth in sectionals for class B and have advanced to the second round after shutting out Fonda 1-0 on Thursday. Volleyball showed tremendous growth, warranting a modified team, and continues league play, in which they are undefeated, before moving on to sectionals. Our young cross-country team showed grit as they came to know the sport under the guidance of the legendary Carlo Cherubino.
We measure success not only by victories, records set, and championships, but by the development of admirable traits and virtues in our girls. The four cardinal virtues of fortitude, prudence, justice, and temperance are strengthened by the challenges of sports. By all accounts our girls have practiced teamwork, persevered, resolved conflict, respected their opponents, and demonstrated composure in the face of adversity. They have grown through the season physically, mentally, and morally. We are proud of these achievements.
Their accomplishments would not be possible without the support and guidance of their coaches. Our coaches are hired for their ability to instill in our girls these virtues as well as for their knowledge of the sport. This is true of everyone engaged in the Holy Names mission; technical competence must be complemented by dedication to a life of virtue.
Throughout the year, our teams have been supported by our spectators. Thank you for your enthusiastic and positive support of our teams. Our AHN community is represented well throughout the Capital Region by our teams and their fans.
Academy of the Holy Names has long been associated with high standards in all things. Our athletic program is one remarkable example. It is one more way that we exemplify our motto Esse Quam Videri.
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