By David Perritano

“Everyone thinks that being ‘a good artist’ means that they can draw or paint realistically, but that’s not true.”

Kate Kosek, who took over as AHN’s Art Teacher in the fall and says most people can draw realistically if they put in the time and effort to practice, but abstraction and alternative processes are just as valid. “Mainly I want my students to think about art as creative problem solving. They should follow their curiosity and not be afraid to express themselves and take creative risks. There are rules to art making that you can follow, but it is totally fine to break those rules if it supports your vision!”

The Latham native spent 10 years in Brooklyn working professionally as a digital printmaker before moving to Atlanta to get her MFA in textiles and teaching college courses. In 2014 Kosek collaborated with an Australian clothing company which turned five of her drawings into textiles for a full line of garments. She returned to the Capital Region to be close to her family and chose Holy Names because “the school’s values surrounding female empowerment are in alignment with my own values.”

Projects vary from class to class, but Kosek’s students are each taught the guiding principles of art and design, along with some art history.

Kosek says her favorite part of her job has been getting to know her students and watching them develop their creativity. “There’s nothing better than hearing students express pride in their work. They are capable of great work when they set their minds to it!”